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Optima batteries -  constructed by using spirally wound cells.

This construction of Spirally wound cells has vital advantages for Deep Cycle batteries. As an Optima AGM battery has these spiral cells it allows the use of lead in its purest form. This contributes to a lower resistance allowing Optima Deep cycle batteries to handle high discharge and recharge rates.

Charging an Optima AGM battery via a 100 amp alternator from 100% flat (10.5 volts) will only take around 35 minutes. This example is for Optima D27F Deep cycle batteries. Our deep cycle battery range also includes marine & calcium batteries.
Optima Deep cycle batteries also rated very accurately in amp hours (C20 rate). Most deep cycle batteries maybe rated at 100 amp hours, but you can only discharge 70% of this, where as with Optima Deep cycle batteries you can discharge 100%.