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Battery testing & replacement

Are you finding your vehicle is struggling to crank over?

Or maybe the lights look a bit dim... either way there's a good chance your battery may not be operating at an optimal level, and there's a chance it may leave you stranded at any moment, and some modern vehicles may leave you without any access to the vehicle at all.

A quick check of the state of your battery at Betta Car Electrics may save you from the headache of being stuck with a car that won't start. If your battery does show signs of imminent failure, we have a full range of replacement and upgrade automotive batteries available.

Betta Car Electrics stock and offer a large range of batteries to suit all Vehicles and Auxillary applications. Automotive, Commercial, AGM/GEL, AGM Stop Start, Motorbike, Truck/Farm, Deep Cycle, Marine and many more of the highest quality at competitive prices. Testing, Application matching and fitment is also available.