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The development of quality, efficient solar charging systems has been a great boost for anyone who spends time away from mains power and needs to keep their batteries charged and use low voltage products while camping or touring.

Betta Car Electrics offer a large range of trusted brands, allowing you to choose the exact combination to suit your needs. Our professional installations using quality materials means your solar system will provide cheap, reliable power for years for 4WDs, RVs, Vans, Campers, Marine or Stand alone.

Betta Car Electrics offer a large versatile range of solar solutions to suit every application, including fixed, portable & flexible/semi-flexible panels of trusted brands matched with suitable regulation & monitoring units to individualize your custom installation. Betta Car Electrics pride themselves in using the highest quality of materials and experienced qualified tradesman in all fitments to ensure yours solar system will provide optimum, reliable output for years to come.

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